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Co-Curricular Activities

The formation of well-balanced personalities depends upon the well-rounded education of the whole man, body and soul through the constant exercise of both natural and supernatural virtues.


At Holy Cross Catholic International School we offer the following activities:

Sports: Swimming, Athletics, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton.

Academics: Science Club.

Skills: Journalism Club, Drama, Boys Club, Choir, Drawing, Eucharistique Crusade, French, Girls’ Club, Musical Instruments, and Robotics.


Increase your skills in the science of numbers

Holy Cross Catholic Literature Club


Learn how to speak and to appreciate beautiful text

Holy Cross Catholic Kiswahili Club


Learn the language/culture and how to interact with people

Holy Cross Catholic French Club


Discover and learn how to speak a beautifulĀ  and widely spoken language

Holy Cross Catholic Robotics Club


Discover the wonderful world of software technology and robotics


Learn an ancient language with a rich history

Skills Development

Holy Cross Catholic Drama Club


Learn how to speak and behave in public! Make people laugh, share with them noble ideas through your theatrical performances.


The human voice is a beautiful instrument! Let us make our school lively and happy. Let us use our voice for Holy Cross Catholic International School, for our country, and for our God.

Holy Cross Catholic School Art Club


Have you ever dreamed of making your own comic, to illustrate nicely in your books? This club will teach you
how to achieve this.

Holy Cross Catholic Musical Instruments Club


Become the next Mozart, Vivaldi or Bach! Learn how to play theĀ  piano, organ, guitar, violin etc.


Join Holy Cross Catholic International School Football Team


Join the school football team and build your talent in this beautiful sport.

Play Badminton - Holy Cross Catholic Clubs


Join the school badminton team and build your talent in this beautiful sport.