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Early learning and child development


Our Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten caters for children from 2.5 years to 5 years and follows the Montessori system. It is a very important stage in setting the foundation. Children who go through the Montessori system learn to trust their interests, freely explore and take responsibility for their actions, their decisions and their place as members of a larger society. 
Kindergarten - Catholic International School
The Montessori Curriculum helps children to focus on five key areas of study. These include;
  • Practical Life
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Culture
The Montessori Curriculum supports self-directed and individual learning.

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Practical Life

We teach practical life skills that the children would be likely to observe daily. The practice of these activities helps the children prepare for practical life and develop and fine-tune their basic motor skills. The lessons taught include cleaning, preparing food, lessons in grace and courtesy and transferring. For example, students might learn sweeping, pouring, etc.


This area focuses on helping students to refine their senses of sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. This will help them to organize their sensory impressions as well as their understanding of the world.


This is taught in a completely hands-on way. This area of the curriculum focuses on teaching and helping students to understand abstract mathematical concepts and relationships.


Focuses on providing children with the knowledge and skills to develop and build their understanding of language and vocabulary. They are taught oral language, reading and writing.


Possibly one of the most important because it helps students to gain an understanding of their community and all the other communities in the world, the children are taught art, history and botany.

Our Goal for your Child

Our goal is to provide pupils with a high standard and affordable Catholic Education, nurture their talent and create an enabling environment for excellent academic performance which will lead them through their most formative years, giving them a solid foundation which will be in them for the rest of their lives!

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