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Holy Cross Catholic International School
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The Ultimate List of International Schools in Nairobi: Ensuring Your Child’s Success in Kenya [Holy Cross Catholic International School]

Investing in your child’s education is one of the best decisions you can make as a parent, and choosing an international school in Nairobi can provide them with a world-class education and a passport to a successful future.

Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops on the General Sex Education - Holy Cross Catholic International School

Nurturing Virtue: Our Commitment to Traditional Catholic Education

Introduction At Holy Cross Catholic International School, we believe in the enduring values of Traditional Catholic Education. In light of recent developments, we wish to shed light on our unwavering […]

Photo of top 10 international schools in Kenya

Top 10 International Schools in Kenya

Holy Cross Catholic International School is arguably the best International School in Kenya, because, it is not only the most affordable but also the only international school in Kenya that is dedicated to preserving the traditional teachings, and liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church.