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As we draw the curtains on another remarkable school year at Holy Cross Catholic International School we find ourselves immersed in a multitude of events that brought our community closer and expanded our horizons. This year has been nothing short of extraordinary filled with milestones, celebrations and enriching experiences that have truly embodied our mission as an International Catholic School in Kenya.

Celebrating Milestones: Graduation Day

The pinnacle of our year was undoubtebly the graduation of our vibrant KG2 students and the ever-curious Year 6 cohort. Graduation Day was a tapestry woven with pride, a touch of nostalgia and immense hope. These young learners have shown remarkable growth not just academically but also in their personal and spiritual life. As a Catholic school we place great emphasis on nurturing the whole child, instilling values of integrity, compassion and faith alongside academic rigor. Adorned in their caps and gowns, the Catholic values of respect, service to others and compassion which are woven into every fabric of our education were evident in their warm smiles and confident strides. We know these graduates will carry these values with them, making a positive impact in the world.

Fun Day: A Celebration of Community and Joy

The spirit of community is something we truly cherish at Holy Cross Catholic International School. Our annual Fun Day epitomizes the joy of being part of a school family. It was a day filled with laughter, comaraderie and friendly competitions. Parents,students and teachers came together, shedding their usual roles to simply have fun. From tug-of-war to thrilling obstacle courses, everyone participated with infectious enthusiasm. The highlight? Sharing a delicious feast, forging last bonds that would last a lifetime!

Expanding Horizons: Our Students’ Adventure in Tanzania.

As a Catholic school with a global perspective, we believe in fostering a spirit of intercultural understanding. This year a group of our students embarked on a five-day remarkable trip to Tanzania. Immersed in the vibrant Swahili culture, they learned firsthand about the rich tapesty of traditions and the melodic beauty of the Swahili language. The students visited a local school where they enaged in interactive learning sessions, exchanged cultural stories and forged new friendships. This immersive experience not only enhanced their linguistic skills but also instilled in them a profound appreciation for diversity and cultural exchange.

As a Catholic school, we belive in the importance of global awareness and the value of learning beyond the classroom. This trip to Tanzania is a manifestation of our commitment to providing our students with a holistic education that prepares them to be global citizens

A Year in Review: A Journey of Growth

Looking back, this school year has ben a remarkable journey of growth. We are grateful for the incredible experiences that have shaped our students and our community.

Our mission as an international Catholic School is to nurture young minds, foster a strong sense of community and prepare our students to navigate the complexities of the world with faith and confidence. This year has been a testament to that mission and we are proud of the strides we have made.

As we enter summer break, we carry with us the warmth of shared experiences and the promise of a bright future. We’re excited to welcome new students into our community in the coming academic year, September 2024 as we continue to offer high international standard and affordable Catholic education.

Thank you for being part of the Holy Cross Catholic International School community. Here’s to another year of growth,learning and unforgettable memories!

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